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Over $31,300.00 Awarded in Jackpots, Prizes and Bonuses Last Month

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The Bad Beat Jackpot now stands at $2,000.00 and climbing.

Hand #5 Million was just dealt! - Thanks to all who came out and congratulations to the Winners

On Tuesday, March 12th, dealt its 5 Millionth hand!  To celebrate, They gave away $13,250.00 to the lucky participants of eleven bonus hands leading up to and including hand #5 Million.

Hand #5 Million was played at a 7-Card Stud table.  All 8 players received a $200.00 bonus, while Supajman took the $31.00 pot with 3 Jacks and was awarded an additional $1,000.00 bonus for a total take of $1,231.00 - nice work!

$200.00 winners also participating in hand #5 Million: drsl, bocaboy, DaShocker, camry4me, mnt, triton, Rib.

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