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To help you focus in on your area of concern, we have organized our FAQ page.

Getting Started

General questions

Technical Questions

Is this legal?

You should check with the local laws of the area in which you live before playing poker online. does not accept bets from residents in Canada and Costa Rica.


How do I download the card room software?

You have two options: 

Run this program from it's current location

  • This will automatically run the installation of the executable file from the server that hosts the download. Just follow the prompts through the installation process. When complete, you will have a icon on your desktop. Click that icon to open the Lobby window.

Save this program to disk

  • You can save the setup file to disk if you like. Just remember what folder you saved the file to. Once the download is complete, run this file and the installation will commence. Follow the prompts through the installation process. When complete, you will have a icon on your desktop. Click that icon to open the Lobby window.

Please note that these web pages and those of our affiliates, are the only ones we support for download. Software obtained anywhere else unless explicitly mentioned here may be faulty and we don't assume responsibility for the use of misuse of it.


What are the minimum system requirements to play?

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000 (Not recommended for NT4.0 or earlier)

  • Download Size: Approx. 5 Megabytes (30 minutes on a 56k modem)

  • Pentium 120 computer with 16 MB RAM

  • 28.8k Modem

  • Sound card recommended but not required


I have the software installed. Now, how do I sign up so I can play?

Open the Lobby window and on the tool bar across the top of this window, click 'Account' and select 'Create a new account'. A new window will open that allows you to enter in your information to register. It is important that you are careful when choosing your username, as it cannot be changed. All information must be accurate as it is used when processing real money transactions. The information you provide here must exactly match the credit card information your bank requires; this will eliminate problems later down the road when making your deposits with us.

Once you have filled out this form, click 'Create My Account'. If the information you provided is not adequate, you will be brought back to the Account Creation page. There will be a message directing you to the necessary changes.

Once accepted, another page will open telling you that your account has been created. A welcome E-mail will be sent to the E-mail address you provided. A verification code will be included in this E-mail that is necessary to activate your user account.


Activate my user account?

The software, with the purpose of ensuring that the E-mail address you provided is accurate, generates the verification link code automatically. Once you receive this code by E-mail, click the link contained in this E-mail. You will receive a confirmation page announcing the acceptance of the code and you are ready for action.

If the code received does not allow you to 'click' it, simply copy the complete link code into your Internet browser and hit 'Enter'. This will perform the same function as mentioned above and a conformation page announcing the acceptance of this code will be displayed.


How do I get chips to play?

When your account is created, you are automatically credited with $5000 play money. Should you run low of play money, go to the cashier through the Lobby and request that more money be credited to your account.

If you would like to play at a table for real money, information on the processing deposits and withdrawals to your account at can be found on the Real Money page.


What is the Minimum Buy-in?

The minimum is based on 10 times the small bet limit. An example; to sit at a $5/$10 table, the minimum buy-in would be $50.00. $0.50/1.00 tables do not have a minimum buy-in.




General questions

How do I see what games and tables are available for me to play at?

When the game lobby opens, you will see the table list for Texas Hold'em. Currently we also offer Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7card Stud, 5card Stud and 1-on-1 tables. To see these table lists, simply click on the top of the menu and a drop down menu will appear. Select the desired game type and that table list will be displayed in the menu box.


How can I locate a player that might be playing in the room at one of the tables?

In the bottom right hand corner of the Lobby window, a search feature exists. Enter the username of the player you are trying to locate, and you will be taken to the table in which that player is playing. If the player is currently not in the room, you will be informed of their absence.


How does the wait list work?

If the table you want to play at is full, you can join the wait list from the lobby or from the table itself. You will be added to the list and automatically notified in order when a seat is available.


How does the wait list work when a table is empty?

If no players are available to play a selected game, select the minimum number of players you wish to play against. When a game with enough players is established, you will automatically be notified.


How do I open a table from the Lobby?

Highlight the table that you wish to open, either by single clicking on the table within the list or by using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Once the table you wish to open is highlighted, double click the highlighted area or click the 'Start' button below the table menu. The table window will open.


Can I sit down at an empty table?

Why not? It seems to be that once somebody sits at an empty table, others soon follow. You probably wont have much of a wait to start playing.


Can I view hand histories?

A unique number is given to each hand played and is used to review the events when a player is questioning a specific hand. Hand histories can be viewed by right clicking on the table and selecting the "Previous Game Hand History" option. From the page that opens, enter in the game number and click 'Look up'. You can only view a history for hands that you participated in.

If you missed the hand number of the game in question, make note of the hand currently being played and you can work back from there within the Hand History page. If you feel that there is a legitimate error in the hand being questioned, forward all information to for review.


Can I change my account information?

Once you have created your account, changes to the information you provided can only be change by an administrator. Send an E-mail to Include your username along with the information that needs to be changed.


I would like to change my username.

Generally we do not allow for usernames to be changed. If you have miss-spelled your username or have another reason for wanting it switched, send a request to Your request will be reviewed.


What does Avg Pot and Plrs/Flop mean in the table?

Avg Pot represents the rolling 30-hand average pot. Plrs/Flop is shown as a percentage representing the average number of players that are in the hand for the Flop.


How do I chat with the other players?

To chat with the other players, simply type what you would like to say in the box in the bottom left corner of the table window. You will see the text being entered and have the ability to edit before you commit the text to be read by others at the table. When you would like to submit the text to be viewed, simply hit the 'enter' key and your text will appear in the chat box. You may chat with players at a table that you are not sitting at.


What is the meaning of the shorthand that some players use in the chat?

As a shortcut, some players use acronyms to represent what they would like to say.

  • NH – Nice Hand

  • VN / VNH – Very Nice Hand

  • TX / TKS / TY – Thanks / Thank you

  • WTG – Way to go

  • G1 – Good one

Some other chat room symbols that come up:

  • BRB – Be right Back

  • LOL – Laughing Out Loud

  • ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing

  • CUL – See You Later

  • CYA – See you…

All the chat at the table is bothersome. Can I do anything to stop it?

There are different levels to what is announced. Select the appropriate level of the text you wish to view.


How can I be sure the game is fair?

Yes, the game is fair. As with any game there will be times when you win and times when you lose. Sometimes these will extend into streaks. All information that is offered on these pages is put here to inform players of how the room operates and what measures are taken to ensure the integrity of the games that are played at Should you, at any time have a question or concern on a topic that is covered here or on any topic with regards to the operation of the poker card room, you can contact the administrative staff at


What kind of shuffling routine do you use?

Great measures have been taken to ensure that cards dealt are completely random. The shuffling algorithms along with the random number generator have been designed to create an unpredictable shuffle.

In addition, your down cards are only ever known by you as the game is being played. The game server ‘deals’ them to your computer alone, making it impossible for any other player to know your cards as a hand is played.


I have followed the instructions for creating an account but have not yet received my E-mail verification code, what should I do?

Occasionally, our mail bot gets clogged and prevents the outgoing mail from departing on a timely basis. Please send us an E-mail to indicating you have registered but have not received your verification code and we will forward information on how to fix the problem immediately. NOTE: If you can't communicate with us via E-mail, you can always call toll free, within the US, at 1-877-817-PKER (7537).

What happens if I get disconnected in the middle of a game?

It is important to understand how the software deals with disconnects in the middle of a hand that you are involved in. Your hand is protected as per an All In situation unless you do something to fold your hand. Please note that to prevent this feature from being abused, there is a limit of All Ins over a 24 hour period and is set by the administrators. The All In counter is reset each day at 12:00am EST. Folding of a hand will occur as a result of one of the following: 
1. You leave the card room in the middle of a hand.
2. You exit the game using the close box (i.e. clicking the X in top right hand corner of the screen).
3. You click the fold button, accidentally OR intentionally.
4. You are disconnected from the game and re-enter the table before that hand has completed.
5. You fail to act on your hand within 20 seconds, e.g. you "Time Out".


What happens when a hand is restarted?

Occasionally a hand will appear to start, as indicated by the shuffle of the cards and the prompt for the posting of the blinds, followed by a pause and the Dealer text indicating that the "Hand Will Start Over". Player accounts will be unaffected by incomplete hands as only completed hands are posted to their accounts. This means that any blinds posted and bets made in an incomplete hand are not taken from the players true account balance.


What is the rake?

Money is removed from each pot to pay the house. Our variable rake structure is 5% of the pot size, max. $3.00, and can be viewed here.


How can I see what the game actually looks like before I commit to buy-in?

Just download and install our software and register a Player's account. No credit information is needed at this point. You will then be able to log in and watch the action or play at a 'play money' table. If you have questions, go ahead and utilize the chat line, however, for more detailed inquiries we request you E-mail us at


What is done about collusion? has various methods of monitoring play at tables. Any player who is suspected of collusion will be monitored more closely and should the card room administrators believe that players are playing in collusion, the players in question will have their accounts suspended immediately and permanently.

Click here or more information on the security of the game


I enjoy the games offered at Are there plans to develop and release others?

Definitely. Tournaments and other poker variations are in the works. To keep up to date on the future changes as they are implemented – subscribe to Pokerman's Newsletter.




Technical Questions

I keep getting disconnected or frozen. What is the problem?

Most frequently this is caused by an inconsistent Internet connection, which is usually caused by some momentary hiccups on the Internet highway. Information traveling between your computer and the game servers has a long trip and travels through many computers along the way. If one of the links in the chain goes down, your information may be lost or (usually) rerouted through another computer. Unfortunately, in a real time interactive game such as ours, the delay while your information is passed back and forth through the alternate connection can be enough to cause our system to think you have left the game and drop the connection. Sometimes your computer gets the message and you get an error message about being disconnected from the game. Other times your computer knows nothing about this and it looks like the game has stopped.

There are several tools built into Windows to check the condition of your Internet connection. Use the following instructions to use them. If you have difficulties interpreting the results send the results to along with a description of the problems you're having and we'll tell you what they mean.

Ping basically follows a packet of information from your computer to its destination (in this case and tells how long it takes to get there. To use it go to MS-DOS prompt and type ping and hit the ENTER key. There is a short pause and then you get a number of lines of text that read something like

Reply from bytes=32 time=650ms TTL=118

Each line is for one packet of data. You can ignore everything except the time. If the time is over 900-1000 ms then your connection is not good. You can expect a lot of lag and sometimes to be disconnected. The time varies a bit. If one is high and the rest are low don't worry about it. You want to check averages. Time-outs are bad. If you get "Destination Host Unreachable" or "Request Timed Out" in every line, then there is a problem. It means the Internet connection between your computer and our servers is down completely.


Tracert follows a packet to the destination through all the computers that are in between. It gives a time to each computer. To use it go to MS-DOS prompt and type tracert and hit enter.

The lines of output will look like this:
1 30 ms 20 ms 20 ms
2 31 ms 25 ms 30 ms

The first line is the first computer, second line the second computer etc. This is a bit tougher to interpret but basically follow the first set of times in each line. The last column is the computer address. In the first set of times you look for big jumps in the time taken (say from 30 ms to 500 ms or something like that). This identifies a bottleneck in the pipe so to speak. Usually means a lot of traffic is going through, or it's just not fast enough. If a computer is going down it will have a * instead of a time. The * means timed out and is not good. That means your signal has to go a different route and will take much longer.

I keep getting an error message. What should I do? support will need the exact error message you are receiving and the details about what was happening when you received it. Any and all information is helpful. Forward this information to

I have looked through your website for an answer to my question but my question isn't covered here. Who should I contact?

  • Be sure to include your username along with all other details that will assist in helping us help you. Be descriptive; our support staff appreciates long E-mails. If you're getting error messages include the exact error message text as well as what you were doing before you got it

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